Are there any additional resources available to help me with my seo course for beginners?

If you're interested in learning more about SEO, Growth Skills SEO courses are worth considering. In addition to video modules on all aspects of SEO, there are tasks and quizzes to keep you up to date. HubSpot is definitely one of the big names when it comes to SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing in general. For that reason, the HubSpot Academy SEO certification course is ideal for beginners and advanced SEO professionals alike.

The Ahrefs SEO course takes two hours to complete. It consists of four modules divided into 14 lessons. Semrush estimates that you can complete all 31 lessons in four hours. This schedule excludes the time needed to read additional materials.

This course does not require a long commitment, as it is estimated that 2.5 hours are needed to view the 26 videos of the six lessons. You can expect to finish watching all 20 small videos in about two hours. This course isn't your typical video course; it comes in 156-page e-book format. At the end of the course, you must take an exam and obtain a score of at least 50% to be eligible for the certificate.

Relax, despite all the technical jargon, SEO isn't that hard to learn, even for a beginner. For many marketers, myself included, learning about search engine optimization (SEO) can be a little overwhelming. Designed as a complementary piece of the periodic table of search factors, the Search Engine Land SEO Guide is a nine-step tutorial. This structured online course is designed to guide you through all aspects of SEO and show you how to make it work for you.

The conference, held twice a year in Brighton (England), is likely to be one of the largest SEO conferences in the world, with more than 4,000 attendees and some of the most innovative speakers in the industry. This blog is presented by Yoast, the people behind the ubiquitous SEO plugin for WordPress sites. For more specific help, such as in the area of technical SEO or local SEO, Moz has other courses that suit you. Meanwhile, experts can dive deeper into SEO strategies and problem solving, data analysis and reporting, and even explore industry-specific information to improve optimization.

There are a lot of great places where you can learn to do SEO for yourself, including many that aren't on this list. We've created an e-book that will guide you through the entire process of evaluating your current SEO efforts using a useful checklist. This Ahrefs training uses video content divided into four modules to cover the different basic components of SEO. This is the first resource on the list that considers SEO from the point of view of copywriting, and the site includes excellent introductions to copywriting.

Brian Dean doesn't upload to YouTube as often as before, but there are a lot of informational videos on SEO on his channel. Fortunately, there's a vast ocean of SEO resources, including this very website, where you'll find all the news, as well as regular updates and blog posts on a variety of topics related to search engines.