Is seo important for facebook?

Well, your Facebook page is essentially a website, so you should apply the same SEO principles to maximize your reach and web traffic. By using the key principles of SEO on your Facebook page, you'll increase organic visibility and search rankings (both on Facebook and in search engines). When you optimize your Facebook account with relevant keywords, you improve your visibility. You also make it easier for potential followers to find you using those keywords.

Facebook SEO requires inbound links to your page, in order to improvise the authority of your page according to Google to obtain a high ranking. Always include a link to your fan page from digital channels such as your blog, website or Twitter profile to your Facebook page. All of this affects your search ranking, which means that Facebook marketing must be included in your SEO strategy. Make sure to comply with the specific guidelines in each section when implementing SEO strategies on your Facebook brand page.

Without a call to action, Facebook's SEO concept is very incomplete and, therefore, is the last and essential tip for optimizing your Facebook's SEO.