Are there any recommended books or websites to help me learn more about seo courses for beginners?

Are you looking for the best and most recent SEO books in the industry? Check out these recommended reading on Local SEO, Entity SEO & more. SEO for Beginners is a great e-book in which you'll learn the basics of how SEO works and why it's so important. In its new release, Dixon Jones promises to “end the mystique” and present the ideas of Entity SEO and Semantic Search in an easy-to-digest format. This is one of the essential readings in our industry.

Whether you're an SEO beginner or an experienced professional, Eric Enge's The Art of SEO is a great place to start or to brush up on your SEO skills. Do you have a local business? If so, then you need local search engine optimization to increase visibility among customers in your area. In Local SEO Secrets, you'll learn 20 local SEO strategies that you can use to attract more local traffic to your business. This book, in particular, is a short read, of just over 100 pages.

And it's the best book on search engine optimization that has no idea about SEO. This book has 195 pages, but the font size is quite large. So you're probably going to read it pretty quickly. The 10-time rule says that you should set goals that are 10 times greater than what you think you can achieve.

Then, you must take steps that are 10 times greater than what you think are necessary to achieve those goals. The course format is video and the duration is 3.5 hours. What I like about this course is lesson 3, where Matthew Howells-Barby explains how HubSpot uses SEO and blogging to increase its organic traffic. He talks about the importance of building topical relevance and gives examples of how this process works.

Online SEO and technical SEO are two SEO processes that you can control 100%. Unlike external SEO, which has to do with website promotion methods, technical and on-page SEO is something you can improve by following a few simple SEO rules. This is another SEO course from Moz, similar to the SEO course offered by Udemy (number 3 above). All the courses below are 100% free.

To access some of the courses, you must create an account on the learning platform, but all of them are available free of charge, either for a limited time (one month) or for life. Alex Chris is a digital marketing consultant, author and instructor. He has more than 18 years of hands-on experience in SEO and digital marketing. Alex has a master's degree in e-commerce and has advised Fortune 500 companies in different industries.

He blogs regularly about SEO and digital marketing, and his work has been mentioned by major marketing websites. Connect with Alex on Twitter and LinkedIn. SEO changes all the time and learning never stops, I agree with you 100%. The Art of SEO is the perfect book for the early stages of mastering search engine optimization.

To achieve extraordinary results in your SEO efforts in 12 weeks (i.e. Will Coombe is a former airline pilot who learned SEO on his own to earn money online as a side hustle. Two years after trying SEO, he became so good at SEO and in rankings that he was earning more money on the Internet every day with his SEO skills than with his hourly wage as a pilot. So, eventually, he quit his job as a pilot and became a full-time SEO consultant.

He later co-founded the London-based SEO agency Sharpe Digital and wrote this book to help people achieve success on Google, Bing and Yahoo. With 10 SEO books in one, this resource contains ethical guidelines, tips for creating keyword lists, and the main things you can learn from your competitors. There are 52 unique ideas that help improve Google rankings and generate high organic traffic to your website. If you have experience in SEO, this book is an excellent quick analysis for tips and tricks that you may have missed.

As in the previous review of the book, this post goes beyond SEO strategies for websites. At just over 280 pages, this book is still a best-seller on Amazon for teaching people effective SEO techniques. Start by explaining what SEO is and then move on to the basics of on-page and off-page optimization to improve your site's ranking on Google. You'll also learn why hiring a professional programmer is useful, how to monitor rankings, and what to look for in an analysis package.

The late Eric Ward was a pioneer in the SEO industry and was the person who laid the foundations for modern link building. The authors review updated SEO principles and provide resources for action plans for effective SEO execution. So, if you're just starting out with SEO, spend a couple of hours watching the videos to get a general idea of what SEO is and how it works. Capala explains how to implement SEO strategies, instead of all the background information that might otherwise overwhelm you.

These 8 best books show that intelligent SEO makes a big difference in your digital performance and attracts more potential customers. Within 275 pages, you'll find a five-phase plan that will teach you a permanent approach to SEO that will work now and always in the future. It provides a lot of valuable information about SEO and most of the contents of this book are still applicable today. And once you understand how Google finds, collects and displays key information about your company in the SERPs, including the knowledge panel, you'll want to put these SEO tactics into practice to master your “digital business card”.