What should i look out for when selecting an instructor or mentor to help me with my seo course for beginners?

Students also benefit from one-on-one mentoring from an expert course trainer, which is an invaluable tool for addressing specific issues related to their content, product, or brand. SEO professionals are in high demand and you're on the right track to taking courses to gain skills. This is due, in part, to shady SEO specialists who used the algorithm with things like keyword stuffing and item rotation (for example, Kailee received a job offer from her mentor in the middle of her apprenticeship period for a position as a content marketer). For your convenience, we've provided a selected list here, and you can check out some of them in more detail in this post on SEO certifications.

Fortunately, there's a vast ocean of SEO resources, including this very website, where you'll find all the news, as well as regular updates and blog posts on a variety of topics related to search engines. And with search engines' ever-changing algorithm, you'll never stop learning SEO best practices. It will teach you the basics of SEO, including how to conduct keyword research, technical SEO, and link building for beginners. The Yoast SEO training course is ideal for those who are new to SEO and want to learn it to work professionally or for their websites.

Exceptionally, this is a fully live course, so you can interact in real time with the course teachers and their fellow students. A good point to expand your training are the guidelines for webmasters to maintain the SEO of your site. This is a step-by-step guide (in addition to a template) for creating your annual SEO strategy, with month-to-month guidance to help you measure results and improve your positioning. With six lessons based on 22 videos and three quizzes, it uses Hubspot's blogging strategy as a central example to explain how SEO works.

Once you're sure you know the basics of SEO, it's time to move on to more technical concepts.