How long does an seo certification take?

The SEO certification course includes 6 hours of time and exams given by an instructor and, when you take the exam, you get the SEO certification. While Moz has its own SEO tools, the course doesn't depend on their tools. You can follow this course without having a Moz Pro subscription. This course is divided into four modules and lasts about 29 hours, and a certification is offered after completing the final exam.

The price doesn't always reflect the value of the course, so be sure to choose a course created by a trusted institution and taught by an industry-recognized SEO expert. However, if you choose to learn SEO full time or almost full time, be sure to take breaks to keep your sanity. The amount of time you can spend learning SEO is probably the most important factor that influences how quickly you'll master the art of SEO. This SEO certification course is taught by HubSpot, a company known for its inbound marketing and sales software.

If I hired staff, I wouldn't look for SEO certifications in resumes because I know that many of them can be overcome through a combination of trial and error and common sense. The amount of free SEO resources, websites, books, videos, or podcasts is so large that you don't really need to spend money to learn SEO and be a great SEO (at least at first). You're reading about successful SEOs that learn six figures a month and you see yourself doing it in a couple of months. They created an interactive course on Google Analytics 4 in Skillshop that will help you learn about the new platform and obtain an official Google Analytics certification.

You'll learn and remember any SEO concept more quickly if you read about it and then see or hear someone talking about that concept. Each of the “certifications” I obtained had well-produced videos, explained the concepts well and shared accurate knowledge of SEO in general. If you're just starting out or want to improve your qualifications, a structured program taught by an SEO specialist may be a good idea. After researching countless SEO certifications and taking three of them, my opinion is that there is no “best SEO certification”.

If you have experience in digital marketing or web development, it will be much easier for you to learn SEO. The most popular SEO tools are premium tools that usually cost a couple of hundred dollars a month.