Where can i study seo for free?

Free SEO courses with SEMrush Academy certifications. Semrush Academy is one of the best courses available. HubSpot Academy contains a set of more content-oriented courses, including videos on inbound marketing, email marketing, and even Instagram marketing. Below you'll find 10 of the best free SEO-oriented online marketing courses.

The organizations that offer these tutorials are well-known and highly respected by both SEO professionals and marketing professionals. This is a great course for someone who wants to have longer exposure to the world of SEO. You can internalize a lot of things over the course of 36 hours. Semrush also offers another free course called Content Lead SEO with Brian Dean.

This is a longer free course aimed at content creators who want to dive into the world of SEO for the first time. You will learn how to create content that ranks well in Google's SERPs through 28 virtual lessons taught by Brian Dean. This digital marketing (SEO) course takes about 4 hours to complete. The course consists of 2 hours of classes divided into 20 small videos.

You'll take quizzes to consolidate your learning and you'll get PDF files that you can refer to while creating your own SEO strategies. The course lasts approximately 14 hours and you get a certification that you can include in your resume or present to your marketing manager. More than 100,000 students have taken this course and it takes just over two hours to see all the video content it offers. It's an excellent option if you just want to gain enough knowledge to start working on your website as soon as possible.

The course lasts approximately 25 hours and you'll receive a certificate to share once you've successfully finished all the lessons. The good thing is that they try to explain the technical aspect of SEO using language that is easy to understand and avoiding technical jargon as much as possible. I've been away from SEO for the past few years, so it's a delight to find so many high-quality free online courses right now. In addition to the course, with your registration you can also download the complete SEO checklist, which explains in detail all the checks you must perform to ensure that your website is compatible with SEO.

If you want to start learning SEO from scratch, then Udemy's Beginner SEO Tutorial course would be a great option. If you want a titan of the SEO industry to teach you SEO, check out Semrush's SEO crash course with Brian Dean. What I like about this course is lesson 3, where Matthew Howells-Barby explains how HubSpot uses SEO and blogging to increase its organic traffic. You can be sure that these carefully selected courses will be taught by people with experience and a passion for SEO.

Thousands of companies around the world rely on the tactics used in SEO to gain visibility in search engines. Enroll in this course if you want to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how content marketing and SEO can work together. To understand the different concepts that are explained in the videos, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of SEO. The great thing about this course is that it guides you through the different stages of SEO and shows you how to use SEMRUSH tools at each stage.

You'll learn analytical skills, SEO on YouTube (excellent if you're a video content professional) and why you should implement SEO for your business. If you're running a small business or planning to change careers at any point in your career, you'll want to learn SEO. Coursera offers hundreds of courses on different topics, and its SEO topics are often taught in collaboration with a university or other highly respected expert. .