What qualifications need for seo?

These are the eight main skills I look for when hiring an SEO, critical thinking. So, in this article, we'll talk about what exactly SEO marketers do and the 12 SEO skills you should look for in your next hire, whether freelance or full time. Most SEO campaigns will have more than 20 main tasks with lots of subtasks. In addition to the 12 must-have SEO skills, here are four additional skills that can help an SEO manager stand out, according to our experts.

Finding a good SEO marketing manager can be complicated. Of course, we've listed 12 essential SEO skills, but finding out if a candidate possesses these skills requires a thorough interview process and, ideally, in-depth SEO knowledge of your own. Page optimization is just the beginning. In addition to having a deep understanding of web analytics and metrics, today's SEOs must be experts in technical SEO, social media marketing, link building, usability and content marketing.