Does seo affect facebook ads?

Although Google doesn't index your posts regularly, your Facebook page and SEO are indirectly related. For example, if the number of visitors to your website increases due to search engine optimization and you have a link somewhere on your Facebook page, people are likely to see your Facebook ad. Inevitably, advertising on Facebook will help you promote your brand to a wider audience, which will increase general knowledge of your brand. If this leads to more people searching for branded keywords, Google will take note of it.

They'll consider your brand popular and authoritative, and they'll reward it with great ratings. You can expect to see an improvement in rankings across the board, not just your brand's keywords. The image on the right shows that State Farm's Twitter and Facebook pages rank second and third for the “state farm” search query. Social media is a fundamental component of any SEO campaign, and Facebook advertising is an extremely valuable tool for improving your existing social media strategies.

People often misunderstand the relationship between their Facebook advertising strategy and SEO (search engine optimization). However, conversions don't happen due to poor SEO optimization of the Facebook page or unhealthy SEO of your website.